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A Model for Relational Self-Other Models - How We See Ourselves and How This Is Impacts Our Selves and Our Relationships 


Self-Compassion: An Alternative Conceptualization of a Healthy Attitude Towards One's Self


An article outlining the biopsychosocial perspective of personality changes after acquired brain injury

Yeates, G. N., Gracey, F., & Mcgrath, J. C. (2008). A biopsychosocial deconstruction of “personality change” following acquired brain injury. Neuropsychological Rehabilitation, 18(5/6), 566–589.

Ongoing Training 

Polyvagal Theory in Action: Creating Safety and Connection with Trauma Clients 

Certified Clinical Trauma Professional 

Treating Trauma Clients: How Brain Science Can Inform Interventions 

Cultural and Historical Traumas: Invisiable Barriers to Healing and Change 

The Essentials of Effective Trauma Treatment: How to Go Beyond Technique

Healing From the Bottom Up: How to Help Clients Access Resource States with Peter Levigne 

Couples Therapy for Treating Trauma: The Gottman Method Approach 

Mastering the Craft of Treating Trauma: Four Core Skills 

Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy

Mindfulness and Body Based Interventions for Trauma, Anxiety, Depression and ADHD

Solution Focussed Therapy: Building on Client Strengths to Motivate Change 


 Personality Disorders Certification Training

Suicide and Self-Harm: Stopping the Pain

Hostile Voices and Parts of the Personality in Dissociative Disorders 

Chronic Pain

Helping People Unlearn Their Pain: The New Neuroscience of Pain

Interrupting the Reign of Pain

Training Series with Gabor Mate

Compassionate Inquiry 

The Myth of Normal in an Insane World 

The Myth of the Unitary Self

Recommended Books 

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